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The Raping of Tessa and Laurie Part Two

Post #1

The next morning, Tessa was sitting on the bed as Steve fed her cooked bacon and just smiling at her. "I hope you slept well. I went through your purse again and found out where you worked and also called the college and told them that you had the measles and wouldn't be going in this week. So now we have an entire week here to ourselves. I don't have a job so I don't have to worry about any of that. And according to your planner, your parents are away on a cruise so there's nothing to worry about there either."

Tessa glared at him as she balled her bound hands into fists then narrowed her eyes as she was fed another piece of bacon then spit it out at his face "What do you want from me? You've had me in every possible way...why are you keeping me here?"

Slapping her in the face and knocking her sprawling sideways into the bed, Steve set the plate down on the night table and crawled on the bed beside her "You lousy bitch...I show you some hospitality by feeding you and you spit it out at my face. As for why I'm keeping you here, I used to run a house down in Panama filled with whores I found on the streets. It's time I opened one here too. You will be my first whore and I will probably add on two or three more but I want to break you first." Reaching over and pulling her to him, he wrapped his arms around her and reached down fingering her asshole while looking at her "Yes...you will be my prized possession. I never had a Japanese American before." Turning her over, he started fondling her breasts as he kissed and sucked on her neck then slipped his cock into her ass almost gently and kept her pressed to him letting his cock harden inside her, then began spooning her as he talked letting his other hand travel down and play with her clit "I called some friends today before I made some breakfast and they will be here around 4 PM to try you out. I told them you were some prime meat..." Smirking quietly, he listened to her gasp sharply at the pain in her ass but continued raping her ass.

Shaking her head quietly, Tessa looked at the wall as she concentrated on not letting herself become turned on by all this but she couldn't help it as she felt her body start to betray her. Several people coming at 4 PM. Looking at the bedside clock, she closed her eyes seeing it was 1 PM. Three more hours and she would be playing 'hostess' to a gang of men just like Steve.

Steve smirked again as he felt himself tightening up then sat up gingerly with Tessa still impaled on his cock and moved her up and down on his cock while fondling her breasts and played with her clit while sucking on her neck. "I also went out and got couple new outfits for you....and also some shaving lotion. This stuff is special though...once we shave you with it we won't ever have to shave you again...won't that be great? No more razorblades...no more cuts....no knocks....perfect skin....just like you." Finally stopping, he rested her on his cock as it remained buried deep in her ass then licked and sucked at her neck again as his cock suddenly exploded in her ass. As it softened, he turned her head tenderly and kissed her slipping his tongue into her mouth as she winced quietly at having to sit on him like she was. Pulling away, he picked her off of him then grabbed her arm and started pulling her around the room "Got a few new toys too....there's a swing right there...seats two so at times, you can be on top or I'll sit on you....It's comfortable though."

Pulling her over to a chest, he opened it and showed her the dildos inside. "There are no whips though...I don't want to damage my prized possession. This one's my favorite..." Pulling out a long double ended dildo, he said "You see the two heads? You slip one into yourself and fasten the belt around your waist to keep it inside then you slip the other into another female and fasten that belt too...then we simply sit back and watch you two moving. You may sit there as long as you like but sooner or later you will become uncomfortable and you have no choice but to move. The other nice thing about it is...." Turning it on, he ran it over her cheek, "It vibrates." Laughing quietly, he shook his head "God...I can't wait till my friends get here...they tell me they found another girl...we can try this out then."

Shoving another of the smaller dildos sex izle inside her, he turned it on and watched her face as it contorted when it began to vibrate inside Tessa then made sure it wouldn't slip out and continued walking with her slowly because she was wincing from the feeling she was getting and continued the tour showing her the little toys he had for her. Finally getting back to the bed, he picked her up and pulled the dildo out of her and placed her on his lap and ran the dildo over her lips then shoved into her mouth "Lick that clean...Taste your juices." Smiling and watching her do as he said, he spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips and slipped his cock into her then grabbed her hips and started moving her up and down on his cock again.

Hearing the door open, he looked at the clock then noticed it reading around 2:30 and knew that his friend, Frank had come early. Which meant he had the other girl with him. "Hey Frank...I'm in the bedroom...come on in....sort have my...hands full..." Snickering quietly, he kissed and licked Tessa's breasts as he pulled the dildo from her mouth and listened to her moan with hatred at him. He didn't care...to him, she was just another piece of meat.

Walking in and carrying another girl in his arms that appeared to be unconscious, a man about in his late twenties early thirties looked at Steve then chuckled seeing Tessa "So....I see you really did get your dream girl. So...how is she?" Sitting down on the bed next to Tessa and Steve, he set the other girl down who appeared to be of Indian descent. She had dark tanned skin, dark hair and high cheekbones. She was also trim and had some muscle.

Steve looked to Frank and nodded "Yeah, found her while she was going back to her dorm from the school. Isn't she gorgeous? Where'd you find yours?"

Frank looked at the Indian girl then smirked "Found her outside a bar...she works there. Found out her name's Laurie Whipstaff." Smirking a little and resting a hand on the unconscious girl's clothed breast, he looked to Tessa who glared at him then reached over and rested his big bear like hand on her shoulders and shoved her down on Steve's cock and held her there relishing in her moan of pain "Watch who you're glaring at girl...Never know who's the dangerous one in this room." Looking back to Laurie, he released his hold on Tessa then smirked quietly "Well, looks like Sleeping Beauty's about to wake up."

Keeping her hands behind her back, Frank rolled on top of Laurie deciding to wake her that way and said "Well, let's see if this Prince Charming can wake her with a kiss." Fondling her breasts again, he leaned down and kissed Laurie quietly then pulled back chuckling as Laurie opened her eyes revealing green eyes which stared up at him in shock.

Shaking her head, she tried to move but found her wrists bound behind her back then shook her head as he started to cut her clothes off.

Steve watched Frank and Laurie then looked to Tessa "I suppose it is time to get this party started...but first..." Pushing Tessa back down on his cock, he rolled over so she was lying on her back with him on top then looked to Frank "Hey Frank...do me a favor and lift up her legs around me....I want to get my seed inside her."

Smirking quietly, Frank nodded leaving a squirming Laurie on the bed with her shirt, skirt and bra off then reached over and grabbed Tessa's legs by the ankles and held them up above his friend's waist and said "Ok bud....go for it. She's all ready."

Smiling evilly down at Tessa, Steve leaned down keeping his cock inside her as he postponed in and out of her at a fast pace locking his mouth over hers then moaned as he slowly shot his load into her over and over. Pushing himself up, he dug deeper into her and relished in her yells as he shot his cum deeper and deeper into her. F inally sat isfied, he collapsed on top of her and looked to Frank "Just wrap her legs around my waist and leave them there...she's too weak to fight now."

Frank nodded and did as he was told then looked to Laurie and climbed back on top of her and ripped her panties off. Looking to her face, he kissed her then started kissing and sucking at her neck then looked into her eyes again "I know you're not a virgin. You dated one of my friends and he told fransız porno me all about it. He also told me you screwed him over...well this is his revenge since he's overseas right now fighting for our country. When he gets back, this house will be open and he will be too glad to see you...probably glad enough to get what he really wants from you." Smirking quietly, he shoved his cock into her and started doing pushups lowering and raising himself in and out of her "By the time we're through, you're going to be pregnant and then we'll give the kid to Luke. He told me he wanted a son...well, he should get his wish as to how that's the only kids I made my ladies have over the years. I'm going to be training them to be just like me....eldest one is now 16 and he's learning to be just like his old man."

As Steve listened to Frank, he nodded knowing Luke's story...so this was the bitch who didn't want to marry him and have his children eh? Well...looked like she had no choice now. Smiling down to Tessa, he patted her belly and said "Congratulations Mommy...looks like you have no choice but to stay with me now." Reaching over, he grabbed the dildo he had in her before and shoved it deep inside her to block any cum from coming out "Now we don't want Daddy's seed slipping out just yet do we?" Smirking quietly, he sat up rolling off of her then sat her up and rested her on him as he leaned back on the bed's headboard listening to her sob as he watched Frank and Laurie. "Hey Frank...didn't you say that Laurie's bi?"

Frank looked up from his raping of Laurie then groaned as he came deep inside her ignoring her sobs then nodded "Yeah...why?" Smirking quietly, he let himself soften inside Laurie as he kissed her then looked back to Steve waiting for his answer.

Resting Tessa against the headboard, Steve stood and picked up the double ended dildo and showed it to Frank "You want to try this on them? I'm sure Tessa won't like it but I'm positive Laurie will." Smirking evilly, he walked back to the bed and sat with his back resting on the headboard and placed Tessa's head on his chest looking to Frank as he handed him the dildo.

Taking it from Steve, Frank smiled and nodded "Yeah...why not? And we can videotape it and send it to Luke. I already raped Laurie last night and sent that tape to Luke. This might be interesting for him too." Smirking quietly, he sat up and brought Laurie up to rest in his lap. I also got her drunk...but not the way you usually get drunk...Perhaps we can do that while the girls have the double dildo in their twats. Let's try it out."

Nodding, Steve took one of the heads and took the vibrating dildo out of Tessa then stuck the head of the double ended dildo into Tessa's cunt then looked at Frank as he did the same to Laurie as he fastened the belt to Tessa's waist and Frank fastened the other belt to Laurie's waist. "There we go....looks like a masterpiece."

Nodding, Frank helped Steve roll the girls on their sides, Laurie?s leg resting on Tessa?s hip and Tessa?s on Laurie?s hip with the dildo only showing 2 inches between them showing how truly deep it was shoved in both girls? cunts and set up the camera then watched as Laurie started moving her hips up and down forcing the dildo into Tessa's cunt and trying to get Tessa to respond back "Natural born rapist that girl...ah well." Reaching into his bag, he smiled a little "I'll show you what I mean by getting her drunk. Help Laurie to stand and move Tessa so her back's still on the bed but with her legs hanging over the edge and keep Laurie bent over her. Might be more interesting that way?" Pulling out a couple beer bottles, he set one on the night table then watched as Steve did as he said and popped open the bottle.

Steve watched Frank uncertainly, then looked to the beer bottle "You sure you won't hurt her?"

Frank shook his head and said "Nah...this'll help her to relax." Saying that he spread Laurie's butt cheeks then smirked as she gasped "That's right luv...time to make you feel good just like last night." Smirking quietly, he put the mouth of the bottle to her butt cheeks then shoved gently and watched as the neck of the bottle disappeared into her ass. Shoving again, he tipped the bottle quietly and watched as the teen porno contents started pouring into her. Fucking her with the bottle, he bent down and nibbled on Laurie's neck as she continued to fuck Tessa with the double ended dildo and smiled watching as she started to chew on Tessa's nipples gingerly knowing Laurie was loving this.

Steve watched as the contents poured into Laurie's ass then watched as Laurie nibbled on Tessa's nipples but Tessa seemed to slowly become turned on but she continued to wince as she was fucked shaking her head and knew that she was going to be harder to break. A few minutes ago, he had to leave the room and learned that his other friends couldn't come that day because a situation had arose and knew it was just going to be him, Frank, Tessa and Laurie. Ah well...four was an ok number. Crawling onto the bed, he opened Tessa's mouth and slipped his cock into it then started to fuck her mouth as she moaned in protest. Closing his eyes, he rolled his head back letting himself enjoy it.

Frank watched Steve then smirked as the bottle finished emptying into Laurie's ass then continued fucking her with the bottle then grinned seeing as both girls came to orgasm and shook his head taking the bottle out of Laurie?s ass. Throwing it to the carpeted floor, he knelt behind Laurie's ass and put his lips to it and started to lap at it. Sticking his tongue in her ass, he grinned again hearing her moan then started sucking at the beer that was still in her ass. Sucking it into his mouth, he swallowed then smiled seeing as Laurie fell on top of Tessa causing the dildo to fully enter them both causing them to moan in pain and ecstasy and knew that the beer was starting to take hold and enter her blood stream. "That's my pet...just relax."

Cumming in Tessa's mouth, Steve pulled out then smiled kissing her lips and tasted his cum then pulled away and helped Frank release the two girls from the dildo. "I want to try that Frank. That looked like fun and Laurie looks so relaxed...maybe it'll help Tessa."

Nodding, Frank reached into the bag and pulled out another bottle and popped the cap then handed it to Steve "Knock yourself out." Bending Laurie over the bed again, he took another 'drink' from her ass then turned Laurie's head and spewed it into her mouth then quickly clamped his hand over it making her swallow before she could spit it out. "Damn...good ass whiskey I'm telling you." Unfastening the belt from both girls? hips and crawling up onto the bed, he lay down and picked up Laurie and set her on his face so she was sitting on it and continued to rim her as he played with her clit looking up every so often to see Laurie roll her head around quietly enjoying it.

Nodding and bending Tessa over the bed, Steve knelt in between her ass cheeks and slipped the mouth of the bottle up between the cheeks then shoved watching it disappear into her. Continuing to shove, he reached the bottom of the neck listening to her start to protest and tipped the bottle so the liquid could rush into her. Fucking her with the bottle, he kissed her ass cheek and started to kiss and lick her back as he reached his other hand around and fondle her clit.

Lowering Laurie over his chest so her cunt was in his face and her mouth was down near his cock, he slipped his cock into her mouth and started pistoning up and forth as she sucked and licked at it as he sucked and licked at her clit. Knowing that he broke her, he hoped that she would help break Tessa knowing Tessa had a soul that wouldn't be broken easily. Looking to Steve, he watched as the bottle was removed from Tessa's ass and watched as Steve drank deeply from her ass then turned looking to Laurie as he came in her mouth and spoke up quietly telling her to move up next to him.

Whispering to her what he was thinking, she smirked and nodded then looked to Steve and whispered the plan in his ear.

Steve grinned evilly then nodded knowing that Laurie could be trusted and let her pull Tessa up by her arm seeing her drunk since the beer entered her blood stream and walked her to the swing and strapped her into it.

Tessa weakly shook her head but was too exhausted to protest as Laurie knelt down and brought the swing to her mouth and started lapping at Tessa's cunt almost gingerly.

Watching, Steve and Frank stood watching them then smirked to each other and nodded as they dressed and left the room to start dinner as the two girls 'got to know each other better'.
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