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The Camp Out PT 10

Post #1

Camping Out PT 10

Sunday morning had finally arrived, and the rain had stopped. I woke to an intense itching---muther fucker !

I exit my tent, with just a pair of sweats on, and scan the camp. There that fucker is ! Walking up to Alex, seated at a table with a few others, I grab him by his hair, and pull him up. With a surprise look on his face, I pull back my right arm, and slam him in the mouth, busting it wide open. The b l o o d flew into the air as he spun around, and I go for the second pop, this time catching him on the side of his face.

The others at the table jump up, and grabbing me by the arms, I just exclaim, ?DON'T?

I let go of Alex hair, and with my big ass size 12 jock foot, deliver a kick to his guts, sending him to the ground. Working up a big mouthfull of spit and snot, I deliver it right to his face. Two of the others are still trying to grab me by the arms, but flinching them off I just yell ?I said back off me dawgs?

Walking up to, and straddled over Alex, still laying on his back, I pull out my swelling meat, and proceed to cut loose the stinkin stream of my morning jock piss, saturating him in front of the others. ?Next time dawg?you beg some dude to lay a fuckin on ur ass?have the courtesy to tell him you got bugs?! The others just stood around, staring, and couple of them grinning. Glaring at one of them, I bark out ?You think it's cute, dawg?? He just yanks his head back and forth, not saying anything.

I turn away, and hopping on the Banshee, fire up and head up to the general store, for a box of RID, fishtailing as I left the camp site. Getting a smirk from the clerk, I wanted to punch him as well, but left and returned to the camp. Seeing lil bro, I bark out at him, ?Dustin?bug out ! ( no pun intended, lol) Tear this place down, and pack up?! Dustin jumps to his feet, and replies ?Yes sir, Matthew? and begins barking out orders.

?Where is he?? I ask one of the guys standing nearby. Nervously pointing to the supply tent, I mutter under my breath ?get to work?, and head for the tent. Upon entering, I see Alex sitting on a cooler, holding an ice pack to his face, and two others standing nearby, 'attending' to him. ?He'll be fine?get the fuck to work? I bark at them. ?ur with me punk?. Alex nervously stands, and I exit the tent, motioning for him to follow.

We both hop on the banshee, and a short skip to my tent, where I enter and fish out the clippers from my gear bag. Don't really know why I packed them, you just never know?maybe someone would decide on a mowhawk or a buzz cut.

Hopping back on the quad, we proceed to the bath house. Stripping out of my sweats, I plug the clippers into the outlet at the sink area, and hand them to Alex. ?Shave me? was all I said. Raising my arms up, indicating to start with the pits. I almost shed a tear, as Alex began gently shaving my thick bush?something I had never done. My pits had been growing for a long time--hell, I think I had pit hair before any even showed altyazılı porno on my balls ! Alex squirmished a bit, at the now more intense raunchyness of my stink since last night. ?Guess you get one thing today you wanted? I growled at him. ?Ya, what's that?? ?You get to wash my funk off?.

Alex didn't say anything, and as I lowered my arms, and stepped back a bit, placing my hands on my hips, I just nod down to my pubes. Looking up at the ceiling as Alex begins the chore of taking away my manhood, lol. Like the pits, my bush had been growing for a really long time, and was massive, and super thick, like tree moss?jet shiny black.

After a few, Alex looks up at me and just asks ?balls?? I give him a nod as he gently squeezes my sack to make my balls tite. He then proceeds to shave the nearly 3? hairs from them, and ask, ?anything else?? I lay down on my back on one of the changing benches, and pull my knees back to my ears. ?Just under the balls, to my hole. Don't shave my crack?. There was no way I was gonna shave my ass crack. The growth there was just too treasured?and beside, the itching from the hairs growing back would probably be worse than the bugs.

Finally done, I open the box of RID and instruct Alex to shampoo it all in?everywhere. Head, pits, crotch and balls, ass crack, hell, even my legs.

Having completed the chore, I order Alex to strip down himself. ?Now you? In like fashion, I began to shave Alex, except I leave nothing untouched Making him totally smooth, even his ass crack, legs, and head ! Alex just stood there, motionless as I shaved his head. This, of course, was punishment. Leaving him not one hair on his whole body, I then proceed to rub the rid into his flesh. Giving extra attention to his ass crack, and sticking my middle finger into his hole. The burning of the formula caused him to make a face, to which I just give him a smirk. (for external use only! Lol)

Walking now to the showers, I turn on two heads to 'pretty fuckin hot', and the steam quickly fills the room. We both step under the heads, and rinse the rid from our bodies, then spying a bar of soap, I hand it to Alex. Taking a stance with my palms up on the wall, and feet spread about 2 feet, I order Alex to suds up my ass. ?Make sure you get that crack real squeaky clean?. Alex followed orders with nothing being said, then followed up with the soap to my pits. Having now completed the 'back side', I turn around, and leaning against the wall, Alex proceeds to suds up my crotch area, then chest, then finally up and down my legs.

I step over to under the shower head again, for a final rinse off, as Alex does the same. The water was so hot it nearly burned my skin, but?had to kill those fuckers, right ?

Finally done, I head over to the benches again, and take a seat. Leaning back, with my back and shoulders against the wall, I spread my feet wide, fully displaying my now shaved cock, which was about half hard now. With all that bush gone, it looked zenci porno about 1 1/2? longer, and I smiled at it as it continued to bone up, and the fuck juice began to ooze from my piss slit.

Looking over at Alex, who has grabbed a towel now, I growl at him, ?uh uh?not yet--

over here?on ur knees?. Without hesitation, Alex comes over and drops to his knees, right between my outstretched legs, and puts his face right to my balls. ?Swallow it, punk?. Alex opens wide, and engulfs my whole 9? of thick jock meat at once. Aiming to please, I'm sure, he instantly begins going up and down my shaft, now swelling to a super hard, vein popping thickness, that would soon be aiming for his now pink hairless hole.

About this time Dustin and two others walk into the bath house. ?Oh shit?sorry Matthew?we can come back?. Alex starts to rise up, but I quickly grab the back of his head. ?Nobody told you to stop, punk?, and force his head back down on my raging cock.

?What do you want?? I bark at Dustin. ?Oh?umm--we are about half done, did you want us to take down the flags?? ?No?save them for last. We will proceed after I fuck the shit outta Alex?. The three b o I s turn to exit the bath house, but I hear one of them sort of snickering a bit. ?Benji? ! I shout at the three. ?Yes sir, Matthew? he replies, almost at attention. ?You hold back?I'll fuck you instead?.

The three stand looking at each other, and Dustin just shakes his head. ?Better do what he says bro?and just take it like a man?.

I order Alex up off my dick, and tell him to get dressed and head back to camp.

Benji Mattox is just standing in the middle of the floor now, trembling. He was cute as all fuck?kinda little fucker, maybe 5'5?, and 115 pounds, soaking wet. Long shaggy blonde hair?been checking him out all week. He was one of the others lil bro. I decided better not rough him up too bad. Still seated on the bench, I order him to his knees. ?Suck?, was all I said.

Benji grabs my throbbing meat in his right fist, and proceeds with an 'ok' servicing of my thick jock meat. The site of his small mouth, stretched over the thickness of my shaft made me leap and throb as he went up and down?only about half way. But fuck it?it was wet, and he had just the right amount of pressure. I figured he prolly had practiced a bit on his buddies or something

Deciding I wasn't really going to fuck him?it would be just too much meat for his tiny pink hole. I would probably tear him open. I tell him to take off his shirt, which he does without question. Still on his knees between my legs, I push his head back off me, and sitting straight up now, aim my pulsating cock for his face.

BAMM !! My head hit the back of the wall, nearly knocking my ass out. I went black for just a moment, but continued to unload rope after rope onto Benji's smiling face, and down his small chest. Without having said a word, he has pulled out his own dick, and yanking the fuck out of it. aldatma porno As I'm still at full volley?about 11 shots now covering Benji's face and torso with my thick gooey juice, Benji unloads his own pretty nice load. ?Damm? I think to myself?that b o I got some nut ! Blasting about 5 shots of his own slimy jizz across his chest and belly, adding to mine, I finally subside, nearly again, passing out. Damm, that b o I was sweet ! (I still wanted to fuck his little hole though?maybe next camp out

Benji reaches for my towel, but I shake my head at him. ?Uh uh lil dawg?you gotta wear my junk?. Benji just smiles, and slings his tee shirt over his shoulder. Proudly leaving the bath house, with a bit of swagger in his step, and drenched in his and mine juices, he heads back to camp.

I quickly dress and head out as well.

Back at camp, I ask Dustin to ask Blankenship to swap trailers with me. ?Load three of the quads on Blankenship, then leave me his smaller trailer, and the Banshee. Leave me one cooler with ice?some choco milk, and that chicken salad. Leave me two dry tubs with stuff in them as well. And see if you can find my hammock?.

?Stayin back Matthew?? ?Ya?couple of days maybe?need some peace and quite now. Oh?and check on Alex?make sure he don't need any stitches?.

I kick back in one of the camp chairs after fishing out a beer from one of the coolers. I shout over to Dustin to leave the beer also, and he shoots me back a thumbs up. A few of the b o I s are snickering, and pointing at Benji, as he proudly does his chores, with my jizz still running down his chest and belly. Yep?next trip?I'm gonna bust the fuck outta that cherry

I kick back and watch all the work going on around the camp. I should be helping?but wasn't in the mood?and they all knew it. Everyone gathered at the center of camp, as two of the b o I s extinguished the camp fire, and stirred the ashes. Forming a semi-circle, the crew flag was now lowered, as we all sang the school fight song. Then, the Texas state flag, and we all sang The Eyes of Texas are Upon You. A few cheers were heard from deep in the woods

Then finally, with the lowering of the American flag, we all sang America the Beautifull.

It was a beautiful 8 part harmony, that we all worked on throughout the summer, to make it just perfect. The Vienna Bois Choir would have been jealous.

?That was amazing, Matthew? Johnny commented. ?why do you do that?? ?It's kinda spiritual, I guess. Just our way of giving thanx to the land, and for our privilege to come and play on it?.

Johnny and Dustin exchange phone numbers. I kicked back in my chair again, sucking on another beer, as I watched for the next couple of hours all the b o I s packing up all the gear, and gradually all of them disappearing over the hill. I was now alone, and walked over to string the hammock up between two trees right near the lake. Firing up a joint, I lay in the hammock, and begin a slow buzz until I had smoked the whole thing. Dick is now boned up again, but I left it alone, for now.

There was something at the top of the hill that was long, thick, and shiny black.

And I wanted it up my ass---hard.
17 Aralık 2023, at 23:10


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