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The couple, playing with John

Post #1

John opened the door for Seth. 'Slave.' The young dom greeted. 'Sir.' the other man nodded. It was ten in the morning and Seth had send his slave a message the day before, that the other man should get the day off as Seth wanted to play. Now his slave stood in the doorway, naked. 'Step outside for a bit and enjoy the sun.' It was put as a suggestion but it was a command and John listened directly. As soon as his slave was outside, Seth stepped inside and spoke. 'Now walk to the backdoor.'' Before throwing the door in the mans face.

Inside, the dom took something to drink and sat down as the naked man ran into the backyard. He threw open the door and stepped inside. Seth grinned. 'Welcome back. now in please take position,' The man stood straight, his hands behind his back as he saw Seth grab a piece of cord. 'Turn around.' When the slave had turned around, Seth grabbed his balls, turned them around and smacked them. He then followed up by tying the string around the balls.

Next Seth made his slave stand on the table in the middle of the room as the dominant grabbed a bomboo cane. 'Don't fall.' Seth suggested as he hit the ass and back of his victim several times. However the more he hit him, the more the other man fell. 'okay just lean on the table slut.' Seth spoke and as the man sat down, he caned him several more times. When Seth was done, his slave had red marks all over his back and ass.

'Seth undid his pants and took place on the couch. 'Suck me.' He spoke sternly. The man obeyed and crawled towards Seth before licking and sucking him.

John licked Seths cock up to down and up again. He then took the balls of his master in his mouth and let his tongue play with it. Following that, John took Seths cock deep in his throat and he finished off with rimming his master.

Next Seth made his slave bend over a chair mobil porno and rammed his cock in the asshole of his slave. John groaned in pain as he got fucked.

While Seth was fucking him, he whispered. 'I am going to whore your lady out. Every night another guy, bare. You get lucky if you are allowed to lick the cum out her holes. I might even make her stop taking the pill and so she can get pregnant by a stranger.' Seth was not sure if it was the dirty things he was telling the man or the fucking but he saw the slave's dick getting hard. A quick smack on the dick kept it down however as Seth continued. 'i am going to invite all your male friends and relatives and while you are tied up, they all get to fuck your cunt of a girlfriend. The only sex you are going to get is when other men fuck you in your ass.' Now Seth felt himself cum. His cum streamed in the ass of the other man. 'Keep your ass up.' Seth commanded as he pulled out. The dom walked to his bag, grabbed a buttplug and inserted it into the ass of his slave.

Just as Seth was about to allow his slave to get dressed in shirt and pants, he noticed drops of cum on the ground. 'Lick it up.' The other man went to his knees and started licking the floor. meanwhile Seth took this chance to smack the ass of his slave a couple of times.

When the other man was done and dressed, they left the house as they had a couple of places to go.

While they were in the car, John spoke. 'Sir...''yes?' 'Well next weekend we have friends coming over and my little sister is going to visit in the evening. 'Okay. how old is your sister' Seth asked. '18 Sir.' 'I'l keep it in mind.' He was not sure why the man told him, his plans for next weekend would not change at all.

The two arrived at the first stop. A tattoo parlor. 'Hey!' Seth greeted his friend. 'What can we do alman porno for you?' Kevin asked. The two have been friends for ages and the tattoo artist and piercer never had issues with helping Seth. 'Strip slave.' Seth said without looking. 'I want him to have nipple piercings and a tattoo of my sign on one of his asscheeks.' Kevin looked at John and said: That will work. ' As he started piercing the nipples of the slave, Seth inquired. 'Do you happen to have a special cuckcage with a hook on it, especially something that keeps his balls the way they are now. 'I have just the thing.' Kevin grinned, his beard shaking,

When the two small rings were placed in his nipples, john was made to lie on his stomach as his cheek got a drawing of a circle with a S in it, that ended in a whip. 'Perfect.' Seth looked at the design. He and Kevin had worked on the design a couple of days earlier and John was the test. Now he was going to tattoo it on all his slaves to show his ownership.

Just as Kevin was about to start on the special cuckcage, Seth made him stop. 'Do you have a bowl?' Seth asked. 'Sure but it is not completely clean. Seth assured his friend that it was okay and Kevin grabbed it. 'Stroke your dick and cum in the bowl' Seth commanded . 'Keep in mind that this is the last time you are allowed to cum in a very long time.' He added. John started stroking his dick, harder and faster. He came in no time in side the bowl, making sure nothing missed.

The cage John got was smaller then his cock so there always was a tingling of pain. 'You get used to it and won't feel a think within the month.' Kevin assured him. It was locked with a tiny key and had a metal string that replaced the other string around the balls. Lastly, on both sided there was a small hook as requested. Kevin had also come up with the idea alexis texas porno of putting a prince Albert piercing in first and let it connect with the cage. this would mean that it would be even harder to get the cage off and the cock was pushed against the cage harder should his dick get hard. It was an idea Seth liked and thus implemented.

The second stop was a quick buy in a petsplace. There the two bought a decent sized cage. good for a big dog but too small for a human.

For the last stop, Seth drove into a shady neighberhood. There the two walked into a gay club. 'Ah what can i do for you/' A old and bald man asked as he walked towards them. 'Is the gloryhole open?' Seth asked. 'Not yet but the guys will be happy if i open it.' The man smiled.

Half an hour later, As Seth was drinking a beer at the bar and chatting with some friends, John sat in a small booth, sucking all the cocks that appeared. The old man was with him in the booth, making sure that the slave swalled all the cum.

About an hour later, Seth looked at his watch and saw that it was almost four a clock. He walked towards the gloryhole where John was sucking both a black cock and the old man. 'Finish it, we have to go.' Hearing this, John hurried his effort. 'Have them both cum on your face and in your hair.' Seth suddenly added. The first load hid his fae and the other his face and hair.

'Now come.' Seth spoke as he grabbed John's clothes. Naked and with his face full of cum, the young male slave was forced through the bar and into the car, where he stayed naked.

The two arived home, back at John's place and Seth went inside as he was forced to bring the dogcage in. 'This key stays with me.' Seth spoke as he held the key to the cockcage in his hand.

When Seth left, he had lc locked his slave in the dog cage, with both of his hands cuffed to the bars of the cage, showing his tattood ass and the buttplug that was still inside of his ass. The keys to the dogcage and the cuffs, Seth had placed on the table, for Mary to find.
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